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Welcome to OZ Pool Table Removals Melbourne

Hire the Services of the Best Pool Table Removals Melbourne

Are you looking for assistance in moving your pool table then your good luck has shone and you are on the correct page. We are specialist pool table removals Melbourne and have ample experience and expertise in moving pool tables without causing any damage whatsoever from the present location to any other location desired by you. It was our dedicated and successful team efforts that helped us garner clientele to move pool table. We have earned the respect of best Pool Table Removals Melbourne service provider at affordable prices.

We do it all  – Pool table moving at its best

We provide services to move the pool table from

  • Residential to residential
  • Residential to storage
  • Removal for storage.

It might seem easy but it is an art that too requires great skill and specialized undivided attention. There are a set of rules and some different set of permutation and combination that may comprehend to move the pool table. So it’s best to seek assistance from the professional pool table movers Melbourne.

Pool Table removalists Melbourne
Pool Table Movers in Melbourne

What to Expect From Us?

We work with a team of Pool Table Removals Melbourne who have high levels of patience and calm attitude apart from the skill and expertise required for the removal of pool table. We are team that does the work with extreme professional attitude but in a homely way.

  • We are team of dedicated people who work with specialized equipment, knowledge and experience to move the pool table.
  • We consider the fact that the pool table is to be moved with great care as it is a prized possession both economically and emotionally.
  • To move a pool table one has to be very cautious regarding the pool table and it would not be wrong if we proudly boast of being the best pool table removalist

It would not be an exaggeration to claim that we are the best in the Melbourne area owing to our undivided importance given to these basics of the pool table removal.

Looking for a Pool Table Removals Melbourne

If you possess a pool table and desire to shift it and are in great doubt because it is task that requires safe and professional handling during the whole process of relocation then your search ends here. We are professional’s pool table Removals Company and our experience in this arena assures that every detailed aspect of relocation is considered and the shifting is done with utmost care and diligence.  Isn’t it something that you too are looking for?

Precision and expertise handling at its best

It is fact that pool table weighs like a whale and to shift it there has to be excellent team with excellent equipment. And guess what? We have all of that! So worry no more and leave it on us to take care of your pool table removal needs. Certainly lack of the either could result in injury to the person or the pool table and both the options are unaffordable. We value our clients love for pool table and take every precautionary step needed to safeguard it from damage.

Apart from shifting the process of dismantling and assembling also requires too much of care and dedication. Any process where there has been occurrence of slightest error can prove to be a disaster. It could either prove to be a big damage for the pool table, your home or the players or even the untrained person who was involved in the task. This makes it all the more necessary to hire only the professional table removals company who is well equipped to handle every step with optimum efficiency.

Pool Table Removalists in Melbourne

How Do We Work?

Over the years it is our experience and expertise in the field of shifting the pool table without giving any stress to you. We have a well defined and step by step process to shift the table without any chaos. The whole team works in sync with each other to complete the process of shifting without hampering the safety of your product. Here is a quick tour in to the whole shifting process:

Pool table movers process:

Easy to connect: Pool table removals are just a call away to assist you in the whole shifting process of your pool table. As soon as you reach us our executives will connect with you and process your requirements to the concerned departments.

Detailed analysis: We will equip ourselves with the complete information regarding your specifications of the shifting process. We will note down the location from where the shifting is to be carried out and the location where is has to be placed.

Dismantling– Our executives will come to your location at the time suitable to you to dismantle the pool table. Our well trained team of packers will come with the required equipments and patience to dismantle the pool table and pack it with utmost care. The material used for packing is also of great quality so that your products are not hampered in any way.

On their way– As per your requirements we either carry the pool table to our warehouse or your desired location. The vehicle used for moving the pool table is of good quality and well maintained. A pool table is very heavy so while moving it we need o be very careful with the vehicle and thus the vehicle used is also of latest model as per pre-decided means.

Assembling– Once you are settled in your location we would come to your place as per your convenience and assemble the pool table. This being the last and the most crucial step is done by our skilled team with great calmness and precision. We assemble the pool table and set it to be used.

Even once the process of shifting is complete you can call us for any further assistance and query.

Pool Table relocating in Melbourne

Reasons Why You Should Choose Pool Table Removals Melbourne

We are the best pool table movers owing to the precision that we take to move your pool tables. Our experience has enriched us with the knowledge and art to move the pool table with utmost care and safety. We have the needed skill and expertise to carry the task of dismantling, shifting, moving and then again assembling and putting up at the desired location.

Salient point about us

  • We can carry out the whole process of shifting at your desired time.
  • We carry the work as per your convenience.
  • We use the best team of removalist who are completely skilled and also possess the latest technology and equipment to carry out the task of relocation of the pool table.
  • We offer the best services at the most affordable prices.
  • We promise not to hamper your expensive product while shifting and thus provide you with free insurance.
  • If there is time gap between dismantling and assembling of the pool table from the old location to new we warehouse your prized possession with extreme care and safety.
  • You are our priority and our staff is extremely concerned and calm to your any query regarding the shifting process.

Why Hire Our Pool Table Removals Melbourne?

  • We provide excellent services
  • The price charged is affordably the best in the industry.
  • We understand the importance of this pool table so we extend our service to even storing your pool table some weeks prior to your actual vacating the place and shifting to the desired location.
  • Once you are settled in your new destination and desire the services from our Pool table removalist, we intervene and assemble your dismantled pool table at the location of your choice.

We cater to your needs of interstate, intrastate and local removal of your prized pool table. We are team of strong, dedicated pool table removalist who keep up

to their commitment of completing the task with utmost care. So get going to call us now to book our services for pool table movers.

why hire us

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Review Comments

Friendly and reliable

If you are looking for Pool Table Removals in Melbourne, here is your solution. Oz removalists offers a very reliable service with utmost care and precaution. Removing a pool table can be a task, but I had a great experience with Oz removalists! Thanks to the super helpful team who helped me move.
- Peter

Thank you!

Thank you Oz removalists! I am impressed how they took care of my pool table during the transition. They are great with removals and even moving services. Very dependable and the rates are comparatively lower than other moving companies. I will recommend their pool table mover service to everyone I know. Keep up the good work!
- Victor

Remarkable job!

I am very happy with the pool table removal services of Oz removalists! They are very trustworthy and their services are consistent too. I didn’t have to worry about it at all. I liked the way they moved my pool table with care. Moving was made easy for me. Thanks a lot guys!
- Gary

Exceptional Pool Table Mover services

They were able to move our pool table from one house to another without a single scratch or any damage. I highly recommend their high quality and affordable pool table removal services.
- Sam Mack

Highly recommended

They are one of the most professional pool table mover services I have ever used. They managed to move our pool table without any worry. It is still as brand as new!
- Daniel


They moved my pool table between places without it getting damaged. I am very thankful to them for their professional services and highly recommend them to anyone looking for movers.
- Jolie
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