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Welcome to OZ Piano Movers Melbourne

Hire the Services of Professional Piano Movers Melbourne

Are you in search for expert piano movers Melbourne? Then you have come to the right place. We make sure that your piano is removed and delivered to a desired location, be it your new home or storage facility, within the stipulated time limit. Our piano removal cost is quite affordable, keeping in mind the wide range of clients or piano owners we deal with on a weekly basis.

Piano Movers Melbourne brings with it a decent amount of experience in the field of piano removals, coupled with expert movers who are skilled in the art of taking care of your piano while it is being moved. Melbourne Piano Movers have the ability to provide you with the best possible piano removal service for any kind of piano that you might own, within the city limits of Melbourne as well as to other cities.

Our experienced piano movers Melbourne are expert in moving a variety of pianos, including:

— Grand pianos movers

— Moving an upright piano

— Organs movers

Call us Now and get the best quote on piano movers cost.

piano movers melbourne
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What to Expect from Piano Removals in Melbourne?

But why should you choose us as piano removals in melbourne? This question comes up more often than not, so if you want to find out why we are the best for you, simply scroll down:

  • Piano Removals in Melbourne offer affordable rates for all kinds of piano moving and removal services in and around the city of Melbourne
  • Our service is quite reliable and all our movers come with legitimate experience and proper training required for piano moves
  • Piano Removal Melbourne believe in being on time all the time and stick to a fixed schedule when it comes to moving your piano to a new location
  • Our piano movers can handle any and every type of piano you might own with ease
  • All our moving trucks are well-maintained and cause zero damage to your piano; we have different trucks for pianos of different sizes and shapes and for different piano moves.

Piano Moving Experts in Melbourne

Our moving business has been serving clients in the Melbourne area for years now. Piano Movers Melbourne are one of the finest in the piano moving industry here in Australia, with the ability to move and relocate any type of piano you might possess.

Piano Movers Melbourne consider ourselves to be specialist piano movers, which sets us apart from any and every random moving company in the area. If you get in touch with a random mover who claims to be able to move your piano, you might risk causing damage to your prized possession by trusting someone careless with the job of securing and moving your piano. Give us a call if you want efficient piano moving services. We will ensure that your piano is properly packed, moved and relocated safely to your new home.

Piano Movers Melbourne provide insurance coverage for all our piano moving assignments. The main inclusions in the insurance coverage are replacement value, vehicle collision, minor to major damages, and many other issues. No matter the value of the piano being moved, each and every moving assignment will be insured from our end to protect you from any and every type of financial loss.

piano removalists melbourne

Reasons why we you should choose Piano Movers Melbourne

If you are thinking about piano movers Melbourne, then there could never be a better choice than us. We understand how costly and precious a piano can be to you and your family, and that it needs to be moved and relocated with absolute care and security. That is exactly our specialty.

Take a look now at why you choose us for your piano removal needs:

  • Piano Movers Melbourne use special piano moving equipment like stair climbers, ramps and piano trolleys to make the job more efficient
  • All the trucks in our fleet come with hydraulic tailgates which help to avoid bumpy roads
  • We make sure to pack your piano in an expert and efficient manner before it is loaded on to the truck
  • If the need arises, we will hire specialised equipments like a crane to help facilitate the moving process much more efficiently
  • All our moving professionals are well-trained in the art of moving and relocating pianos based on the customers’ needs
  • Piano movers Melbourne provide can provide constant update on all our moving trucks to allow you to keep tabs on the progress of your piano
  • We also call our self as finest interstate piano movers in Australia.
  • Our client satisfaction rate is close to 100% owing to our swift and efficient service

So give us a call today to avail piano moving Melbourne service.

piano removalists melbourne

Our Piano Removals Moving Process

If you are worried about how our moving experts will move your piano, simply scroll down to read about all the steps associated with the Oz Removalist’s piano removals Moving Process:

  • Our Piano Removalists usually use a wheeled trolley, better known as a dolly, to help in the process of rolling the piano from one place to another. We mainly use six wheeler and four wheeler trolleys, depending on the size of your piano
  • Six wheeler dollies are much more user-friendly and come with their very own shock-absorbing mechanism which helps to carry your piano over any sort of flooring or terrain. The main reason why these dollies are used is to make sure that no harm comes to the piano while moving it.
  • Each end of the piano is held on to by one moving specialist, who try to keep the piano level on the dolly. Lifting the piano is an impossible task, but they do their part in making sure that the piano is stable while being rolled down to another room or the moving truck.
  • The piano is double-strapped to the dolly using state of the art leather harnesses, which provide an extra layer of security for your most prized possession.

Oz Removalists provides Melbourne’s best piano transport service.

Review Comments

Superior Piano Removals services

While moving our grand piano between houses, we were very worried about it getting damaged. Thanks to Oz Removalists professionals, we were able to make the move in a very effective and simple manner. They paid attention to all our doubts and made sure that the piano did not face any damage.
- Luke Hall

Very affordable

We were worried that we would have to shell out a lot of money while moving our piano. But thanks to them, we were able t get very high quality services at extremely affordable rates. The best part is that they are extremely professional and do not compromise on quality.
- Alex

Cheap and best Piano movers

They were able to help me move my grand piano from one to another in the most effective way. Their services are not only very fast but extremely affordable as well. Their experienced team of professionals made sure that they talked us through the process and made us feels comfortable during the move.
- Louise

Thank you Oz Removalists !

I am very impressed by the way in which they took care of my piano. I would recommend that Oz Removalists does the best Piano Removals in Melbourne. Thanks a lot!
- Glenda Ridolfi

Good Job !

I am very happy with the services of Oz Removalists. They took utmost care of my piano during removal. They are very reliable and friendly. I fully recommend their removal services.
- Nicolas

Very impressed!

I am quite impressed with how Oz Removalists handled my piano removal. I got the best rates available! Their team was very helpful. These guys do the best Piano Removals in Melbourne.
- Brad
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