Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions On Moving House

These days every hectic task has become a cup of tea, this includes moving a house. There are companies and professionals out there who are ready to provide you their services. Right from packing your luggage to unpacking these at your new premises, you get all the services handy. Still, there are certain questions that crop up in your mind. Here we are with an accurate and justified answers for most of such questions.

Is the expense that you are worried about?

Here we have an exact answer to all your questions that find relevance to the expenditure that you are expected incur in the entire process.

  1. How much does it cost to get a quote?

Be it online or otherwise, there is no fee charged for providing you an estimate. All your requirements are taken into consideration and then you are given an accurate quote. The quote is liable to changing in case your requirements change.

  1. Is hourly or contractual quote cheaper?

Hourly rate tends to be cheaper. The reason is that in case of quotes, there are certain unpredictable factors that come into action that might increase the cost. These are the factors like inaccessibility through the doorways of new place, the traffic, cautious packaging of essentials etcetera.

  1. What remains the mode of payment?

In order to make giving and receiving the payment an easy task we accept both the modes of payment, cash as well as the credit cards payments. Though there is a certain surcharge of about 2%on the Credit card payments. Incur a two percent surcharge. All fixed price or quoted moves require a 20 percent deposit, as do all interstate relocations.

  1. Do we have to pay more for the weekends?

We are here to provide you good services. So, all the days of the week are same for us. There are no extra charges that you have to pay for the weekends. You need to pay the same rate as we charge for the other days of the week.

  1. What about the insurance?

You have an access to two types of insurance policies. These are the cargo insurance that includes all the commodities while we load and unload them as well as when these are in the transit. Another is the liability insurance that is for the pick up as well as the drop off goods. In case you find any damage you can note the same down on the removal sheet prior to signing it and the expert reaches out to you in order to discuss the same within 5 working days.

Are you concerned about booking the dates and time?

All your questions related to the booking with the company are answered here to satisfy all your queries.

  1. How early should the moving dates be booked?

If you prefer you can book even months in advance. In extreme cases you can contact even at the short notice. However, to ensure that there is no time lag or any other such problem, you need to make it a point that you provide company the time period of at least two weeks if not more. This is only for your benefit.

  1. What about the possibilities of rescheduling the booking?

The services are very flexible. In case you feel that you need to reschedule the date or the time then you must inform the authorities as soon as possible so that the effort can be made. Though it is possible to reschedule the time and date at any moment but for long distance shifting it might sometimes not be feasible due to several rigid factors.

Is it the storage facility that you are looking for?

Here we will answer all your queries related to the storage of your goods, be it on daily or weekly basis.

  1. Do you provide the storage of goods facilities?

Unless and until you are not comfortable with the unloading of your stuff like furniture, you can hoard them in the vehicle for at latest a night. All your belongings are safely stored unless you are not ready to move into the house. In case the storage is required for a longer period, the use of warehouse is made. Here you need to know that you are charged on weekly basis for storage facilities.

  1. What all items can we store?

Except for the flammable items and things like plants as well as food, we are open for storing almost all the types of things. You should however avoid storing things that are precious or expensive like the jewellery.

Other basic questions

We know that there are several other questions that you have in your mind. Here we will answer all of these.

  1. Do you provide a packing service as standard?

We provide you all the services that you require during packing or during unpacking. We have special packers for that. We can also help you in fixing up the furniture while set up or dismantling them while you move out of the old house. However, you need to pay extra for that.

  1. Do you transport pets?

Unfortunately, we do not provide services for transporting the pets as we count them not in things but the members of family that is shifting. The family members ought to move comfortably in the company of each other.

  1. Do I need to be present while the pick-up?

So that you are able to give your inputs for the Inventory Process, we must tell you that your presence is utmost required. Also, you need to mark your presence while we deliver your items.

More Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I save money on my shift?

OZ Removalists is a time-based service, so you’re only ever going to pay for the time you use. We promise we’re constantly going to shift as quick as is carefully possible on your profession, but if you want to attempt to save even more cash there are some of effortless belongings you can do.

  1. Can I ride in the Van or truck?

You sure can. Our vehicle has room for 2-3.

  1. How can I pay?

We accept payment by cash and selected debit and credit cards at the end of every profession.

  1. Is there something you won’t move?

Unhappily there are some dedicated things we cannot assist you with, such as pianos, pool tables or safes. We can advise some excellent experts in these areas although.

  1. Do you move Interstate?

Yes, we specialize in moving nearby or within same states cities; this can be anywhere up to 4 or 5 hours out of town.

  1. I don’t have enough time to pack; can you provide the packers for me?

Off course yes, we provide a qualified packer to pack your stuff into boxes securely and strongly.
You have the whole freedom, and may want to pack your personal substance and have OZ Removalists pack your breakables items only- the option is yours.

  1. Is there a punishment for shifting the move date once it’s booked in?

No. There are no charges for shifting the move date at any time.
Please call us on 1800 842 066 ASAP you know your fresh move date, so that we can stop your previous booking.

All in all, I guess that you have got the answer to all your questions related to moving in any city. If there are still any questions regarding Removalists Melbourne that you wish to ask then you may feel free to ask.

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