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Removalists Melbourne
Removalists Melbourne
Removalists Melbourne

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Continuing Exceptional Moving Service With Proper Measures

Covid has changed everything in the past few months. The Removalists industry was also affected by this. But now with active measures, all works are coming back on track. Oz Removalist Melbourne is offering its services by keeping in mind the protection of both customers and staff. It is our top priority to maintain the well-being of our customers. Our professionals keep themself updated with the Australian Department of Health advice so that we can stop the chain of this virus. All our removalists follow the best hygiene practice so that no spreading of virus takes place.

Our Staff is Following

What Our Staff is Following:

  • Our team is following all hygiene protocols that are issued by the health ministry.
  • Mask and sanitization are given to our staff for daily use and they use them properly.
  • We use disposable gloves while working so that no transmission can occur. And after completing our job, we dispose of the used gloves.
  • Social distancing is also followed by our staff. Only two men are allowed to travel in the truck and they maintain the proper gap between them.
  • If any of our staff is sick or having any symptom of illness then we direct them to stay at home and consult a doctor.
  • We ensure that none of our staff meets the individuals that have come from overseas.
  • All our trucks and equipment are fully sanitized so that no germ will remain in the truck.

What We Need From You

Proper coordination is required between client and customer so that transmission of the Covid-19 can be stopped. We do our best to stop the spread of corona virus by following the proper health advisory. Customers should also remain active to stop the spread of the corona virus. You should allow our professionals to wash their hands as it is effective in killing germs and viruses. The number of touch points should be less so that our crew can easily complete their work. We also request our clients to live in self-isolation until our professionals are doing the work. You can also change the moving date if you are having any symptoms of illness. Please also inform us if anyone has come from overseas and is living in self-isolation. It is very important we keep ourselves updated with the latest news and take proper action to control its transmission.

client and customer

Review Comments

Fully Recommended Furniture Removalists

OZ Furniture removalists melbourne gave us very prompt service and the guys from their team were very helpful. They have moved my house in very little time. I’m totally impressed and would fully recommend their services to anyone and everyone moving in or around Melbourne. It does the best moving job I have come across.
- David

Amazing Work- Best furniture removalists melbourne

My wife and I availed the services of oz Furniture removalists Melbourne . We have moved several times, but this was the best moving experience ever. They also helped us with our furniture removals and got us excellent rates. Loved their work! Would definitely recommend their services to everyone I know! Five Star for them.
- Christine

Best Furniture Removalists in Melbourne

Totally reliable and very helpful. We had an excellent experience last month when we were moving to next neighbourhood. They took care of the whole moving process and helped with the removals too. We didn’t have to worry at all. I would love to avail their services next time I move.
- Charlotte

Thank you Oz removalists melbourne!

Amazing job done by the Movefast guys! They helped me move in very little time, as I had a deadline to meet. Appreciate their watchful and friendly service. Thanks a lot guys! I would fully recommend their services to my family and friends. They did great as Furniture Removalists too!
- Collete

Good and friendly service

Im happy with the work done by the moving team from OZ removalists Melbourne. They were very friendly and helpful. They took utmost care of our stuff and belongings while making the shift. We experienced an amazing removals service without having to spend a lot. I would highly recommend them as Furniture Removalists!
- Andrew

Excellent work!

We came across Oz removalists melbourne, when we were looking for Furniture Removalists. We had an amazing experience and didn’t have to worry about anything. They took care of everything! They managed it pretty well, especially when it came to getting good rates for our removals! These guys are excellent. Honest and economical prices.
- Simner
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