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Furniture Removalists Services in Melbourne Check out our list of Services.

Welcome to OZ Removalists Melbourne

Trusted and Professional Removalists Melbourne

OZ Removalists Melbourne is the number one furniture and office relocation Company in Melbourne. We offer a dependable, economical, and expert removalists service that is both safe and convenient. For a stress-free move, our most trusted skilled Removalists Melbourne is constantly available.

For speedy and economical relocation services in Melbourne, contact OZ Removalists. We offer professional packing and moving services for residential, commercial, and office relocations. During the move, we will pack and transport your possessions in a safe and secure manner. Our crew can pack your valuables in boxes, transport them carefully, and unpack them in your new home. We make moving your stuff as easy and stress-free as possible!

With quotes for all of your relocation needs, our highly trained consultants take the stress out of your relocation. Our skilled movers and packers at OZ Removalists in Melbourne will always be there to help you. Our furniture movers are friendly, courteous, and extremely capable of making your move a fantastic experience.

oz removalists

#1 Removalists Melbourne Company

When you hire the removal services from OZ Removalists , you come in contact with a service provider that provides you with some of the finest moving and removals service in the Melbourne area. Not only do we provide moving services to our clients, we also provide secure packing & unpacking facilities for all their belongings when they want them delivered to the new location right away. This kind of multi-faced service is rare, but we make it a point to excel in what we do. OZ Removalists awarded number 1 removalists company in Melbourne.

Range of Moving Comprehensive Services Melbourne We Offer

“We offers affordable end-to-end relocation and moving tips services Melbourne at the lowest possible rate but of the highest possible quality. All our moving professionals are specialists at what they do and have the necessary skill, experience and knowledge that help them to provide premium moving service with 100% customer satisfaction.”

You might want the contents of your home, hospital, library, factory, laboratory or office building located – trust us when Cheap Removalists in Melbourne says that we have what it takes to ensure safe, secure, perfect and timely delivery of all your belongings to the new location. If you want all your belongings to be safe and secure when you move to a new home or apartment, you can trust us with that job as well. While Budget Melbourne Removalists take care of all the jobs related with moving and relocating, you and your family, or your employees, can relax and enjoy moving day like never before.

Furthermore, Affordable OZ Removalists believe setting new standards and benchmarks in the field of moving, removals and relocation services Melbourne. Our reliable and professional removalists help you with any issue or query.

The Best Removalists

Why We Are The Best Removalists

If you are moving to a new home and are in need of the best Melbourne Removalists , then you are in the right place. We understand how busy day to day life can be for someone living in the city. We also understand how important it is to safely deliver all your belongings to your new home. That is where we excel – understanding your removal needs, and catering to those needs to the best of our abilities.


Our Best and Affordable Furniture Removalists Melbourne services are quite affordable and impressive, along with our fleet of moving vehicles, which makes shifting to a new home a whole lot easier for all our customers. We offer moving and removals services within the city limits of Melbourne as well as outside the city limits. We provide insurance coverage for all your belongings so as to protect you from any kind of financial loss caused by loss or damage of your belongings. Similarly, Our experts are quite experienced and highly professional, which they utilize to carefully pack and place all your belongings in the moving truck so as to avoid breakage of any kind.  Even further, We constantly monitor the shock absorbing and load bearing capabilities of all our trucks to understand the number of boxes each truck can hold. Therefore, OZ Removalists Melbourne is the most noteworthy movers in the region.


Above all,  Melbourne Removalists believe in maintaining the possible quality standards for our clients. We treat each and every job with the same kind dedication and service quality without any fault because we know that every removals job, big or small, is important for our client. It is our responsibility, as the best removalists in Melbourne, to ensure that all your belongings safely reach your new home or apartment. So give us a call and get a quote for your needs.

Do you need Movers in Melbourne?

Moving to a new location takes a toll on one’s daily schedule and psyche, be it a new home or a new office building. But making this job an easy one is quite straightforward nowadays. Do you want to know how you can make the move to a new premise easy? The answer is quite simple – contact OZ Removalists Company, one of the finest movers Melbourne working in the industry.

As a result, We make it a point to hire some of the most experienced and skilled office and home movers, who do whatever and however possible to make moving to a new home or office a lot simpler. You might want to move within the city limits of Melbourne, or to another city altogether – whatever your need might be, As a result, the experts from OZ Removalists will always be there to lend a helping hand. We are an Australian trustworthy company. Therefore, you hired us!

Enjoy the Benefits for Instant Removals Services

All moving trucks in our fleet are custom-made to fit the relocation needs of each and every type of clientele, domestic as well as corporate. And as said earlier, all our movers and consultants are professionally trained and have an ample amount of experience. So give us a call today and enjoy the benefits of our movers Melbourne services.

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If you want your moving day to be completely stress free, then you give our movers in Melbourne a call.

Instant Removals Services

How much does it Cost to Hire Removalists?

Much less than you’d imagine. OZ Removalists have straightforward and affordable pricing that know you’ll be getting value for your hard acquire. Of course, House Size does matter when you estimating the cost for local moving. Taking into account the average charge of around $65/hour/mover,  The actual price will change according to the factors that affect moving costs. Here, You can get quick estimate now and find one that matches your needs.

What all we Remove

Furniture Removals

  • Desk Removal
  • Couch Removal
  • Office Chairs
  • Mattress Removal
  • Wall unit Removal
  • Sofa Removal
  • Cubicles
  • Box-spring Removal
  • Filing Cabinet Removal
  • Table Removal
  • Television Removal
  • Dresser Removal
  • Furniture Removal

Miscellaneous Removals

  • Domino(tallboy)
  • Aluminium Gate
  • Aluminium Fence Panels
  • Chaise
  • Ottoman
  • 3 Seat Modular Section
  • 1 Seat Armless
  • Wardrobe
  • Kids Bikes
  • Treadmill Removal
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Pianos

Appliances Removals

  • Washer & Dryer
  • Wash Machine
  • Microwave Removal
  • TV Removal
  • Freezer Removal
  • Refrigerator Removal
  • Fridge Removal
  • Dishwasher Removal

Moving Process of OZ Removalists Melbourne

At OZ Removalists in Melbourne, we believe that structured processes go a long way in gaining trust with our customers. Before you hire us for your move, know our process:

Getting a quote: Your journey begins with getting a quote from Oz Removals Melbourne. We can do this in many ways. Removalists Melbourne either arrange for a live video survey or your home or understand the type of furniture you want to move, the layout of your house, and so on. Besides, our team can discuss all the requirements over phone. In other words, you can also fill up our online quote form and make sure you have provided enough details for us to plan properly.

Packing yourself or hiring a service provider: If you are packing yourself, make sure you give plenty of time. At times, it is better to hire a provider because they are experienced enough to pack in an organized manner and you can be rest assured that your stuff is in safe hands.

Removal process begins: Once the packing is done, the most important phase of the move begins. All your furniture will be move away from your home and safely loaded into the transport. The position of items is important here. We will take care of that to ensure that none of the items are damaged. We will place the heavy goods at the bottom and the lighter ones on the top.

Transport: Removals Melbourne will get the required transport to carry all your goods from the origin to the destination. We can arrange for the transport in different ways depending on your budget and flexibility.

Deliver your furniture: At this point, we will unload all your assets and unpack them in your new destination. We will then place in the furniture in your preferred rooms and positions. This will also include reassembling the furniture that we had dismantled earlier, like the beds and the dining tables.

Feedback is important: At the end of journey, we would love to know from your how was your experience. Removalists Melbourne will provide you a short feedback form and ask for your opinion about our performance. If there are any areas of improvement, please feel free to suggest that as well. We would also like you to invite to our Facebook page so you can share your journey with other families and inspire their new beginnings.

Removalists Melbourne process

Know more about Removalists Melbourne process

Backed by years of experience and expertise in providing our esteemed corporate clients a seamless, secure and stress-free experience, We offers customized solutions to match your requirement and budget. For you to understand the nature of our work we have laid down a well defined, well managed shifting process that gives you a complete know how of our shifting process. Here’s a quick glimpse in to how we work.

Just a call away: Once you call us,  you will be addressed by an executive who will give you complete update information about our service. The executive will interpret your requirements and forward the same to the concerned officer.

Conducting the survey: We will evaluate the complete volume cubic feet of the packing and moving goods. A budgeted estimate of the complete scope of packing and moving of the project is then provided. Once the budget is approved entire plan for the relocation process is laid out in accordance with the company’s terms and conditions.

Packing: The packing supervisor will connect with you on the scheduled date and time with his team and all the needed packing material. Our team of packers is well trained and adopts the best techniques need to pack the articles involved and makes optimum use of multi layer packing to safeguard it.

Moving ahead for transportation:  After all the packing is completed and all the requisite payments done, the team of our loaders start with the further process. The goods once loaded on-board are then transported via pre-decided means.

Hence, count on us for all your packing, relocation and moving needs and experience excellence. Call us to book an appointment now!

Why Choose OZ Removalists Melbourne

OZ Removalists is specialize in garnering client confidence and satisfaction, which have given our reputation a considerable boost. But the high quality service we provide is not the only contributing factor that has played a vital role in building our reputation.

Take a look at a few reasons which justify why you should choose us:

Having trustworthy moved over a million people during the last 20 years, accumulate numerous, customer service excellence awards, OZ Removalists continues to be 100% execute to:

  • Our service is of a friendly and personal nature – at all times. We know how challenging and stressful moving to a new premise might be, and that is why we make an effort to make it as stress free as possible
  • You can ask for a free survey and free cost estimate from us without any hesitations After that we proceed further.
  • All our movers put a great amount of emphasis on being punctual at all times
  • We provide packaging, moving, removal and storage service at the most affordable rates possible
  • All your precious and fragile items will be packaged and crated by our moving experts with the highest possible caution so that no damage occurs, even when moving outside the limits of Melbourne
  • There are some items that other moving companies might refuse to package or move, such as pianos, pool tables, etc. But we never say No to anything or anyone
OZ Removalists Melbourne

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Review Comments

Superior Piano Removals services

While moving our grand piano between houses, we were very worried about it getting damaged. Thanks to Oz Removalists professionals, we were able to make the move in a very effective and simple manner. They paid attention to all our doubts and made sure that the piano did not face any damage.
- Luke Hall

Very affordable

We were worried that we would have to shell out a lot of money while moving our piano. But thanks to them, we were able t get very high quality services at extremely affordable rates. The best part is that they are extremely professional and do not compromise on quality.
- Alex

Cheap and best Piano movers

They were able to help me move my grand piano from one to another in the most effective way. Their services are not only very fast but extremely affordable as well. Their experienced team of professionals made sure that they talked us through the process and made us feels comfortable during the move.
- Louise

Thank you Oz Removalists !

I am very impressed by the way in which they took care of my piano. I would recommend that Oz Removalists does the best Piano Removals in Melbourne. Thanks a lot!
- Glenda Ridolfi

Good Job !

I am very happy with the services of Oz Removalists. They took utmost care of my piano during removal. They are very reliable and friendly. I fully recommend their removal services.
- Nicolas

Very impressed!

I am quite impressed with how Oz Removalists handled my piano removal. I got the best rates available! Their team was very helpful. These guys do the best Piano Removals in Melbourne.
- Brad

Friendly and reliable

If you are looking for Pool Table Removals in Melbourne, here is your solution. Oz removalists offers a very reliable service with utmost care and precaution. Removing a pool table can be a task, but I had a great experience with Oz removalists! Thanks to the super helpful team who helped me move.
- Peter

Thank you!

Thank you Oz removalists! I am impressed how they took care of my pool table during the transition. They are great with removals and even moving services. Very dependable and the rates are comparatively lower than other moving companies. I will recommend their pool table mover service to everyone I know. Keep up the good work!
- Victor

Remarkable job!

I am very happy with the pool table removal services of Oz removalists! They are very trustworthy and their services are consistent too. I didn’t have to worry about it at all. I liked the way they moved my pool table with care. Moving was made easy for me. Thanks a lot guys!
- Gary
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